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Please pray for mother earth

Webinar Feb 21, 2015 1:17:18 -1:21:20 Prayer from Elemental Deva Suun: I beset(?) you, heavenly father and creators to come to us now for healing purposes. We pray every day that you would touch mother earth and give her the…

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Galactic Light Languages ~ Languages of Lights

Languages of Lights YouTube channel…

Good Day all…I just wanted to clarify and share the link to my new YouTube/google+ channel…I created this channel separately from my Wendy Wolfe page to keep them separate for now until my family is aware of this part of me…I have been guided to do these video outdoors primarily, (thought they do tend to pop in when they have something to share :) and the videos posted are all me speaking light languages from a variety of entities, including the Galactic Parliament of Light, Emissaries’ of Light…the Light Collective…I experience a great many telempathic connections outdoors as I invite them to share their messages…a few new languages have presented themselves lately also and a few of these videos I simply shared on the Languages of Lights Google+ page to expedite the msg rather than waiting to upload to YouTube,(which now apparently they have since added the capability of importing something you have shared via google+ into a YouTube Video but I have not tried this yet so will be experimenting.

It is heartwarming to see everyone expanding and illuminating and sharing their inner languages of lights with the universe…keep creating…keep sharing and we will all open new portals within one another…Namaste

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Mermaids, real footage

Mermaids, real footage

Sarah, saw the last webinar & thougt this will be interesting to you. The theory in this movie about how the mermaids came about is rediculous in my eyes, but the body found & underwater footage is a real one…