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Sat Webinar Nov 1, 10am

Time left: =========================== Participation and viewing Links via google Hangouts will be posted here at the time of webinar, refresh the page (F5) to see them.Use to figure your time.The participation in the Hangouts is limited to 10 participants…

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so i know this might sound crazy. but when i was a child i saw a boy in blue i prayed to god said i wanted to find him. so i started to listening to elliot smith music and i…


Hello, greetings to all. I am commonly known as Alex and feel i have much to share with the people connected to and through this website. Whether anyone has heard of the venus project or not i feel in my heart that this can be one way we can create a beginning to a new, exciting, more equal and most importantly loving world.

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Interesting website This website has a very detailed database on the major alien civilizations interacting with Earth during these times and in the past. I suggest we share the info we have and they have between each other. We have much…

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Anybody in Chicago?

If you are from Chicago, please contact me [email protected] or skype

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To become an alien

Ever since the last Sat webinar with Shell. I’ve been feeling different, something in me clicked. My desire to become an extraterrestrial has increased I’ve been aspiring more and more to be like them. I’ll follow this feeling and see…